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The SmartTrip Tool

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For companies, venues & non-profits.

Smart Trip Planning

For Media companies and publishers.

Dynamic Trip Planning

For enterprise systems.

Smart Events

For event planners and venues.

Smart Navigation

For solopreneurs, entrepreneurs and companies.

Smart Trip Planning

The TravelingToGive SmartTrip™ tool, powered by TripProximity, helps people find where you are located and it helps them get there.  We list hotels, condos, private homes, villas or apartments nearby your company, venue or event.  And every trip benefits the causes that you care about.

7×24 service – best price guarantee on hotels

It’s all about saving time. Whether you are on the receiving end of the “where are you located?” or “where should I stay?” calls or you are the one making it, proximity matters, and so does being there.

  • Proximity to your location
  • Proximity to hotels nearby
  • Driving directions and map
  • Optional car rental and air tickets
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Get a 24/7 Concierge for your website

The Solutionz SmartNavigation™  tool  helps you organize all of the content that would be useful to visitors to your business and attendees to your events . Think of it as a “launch pad” to any relevant content, organizing the items in any way that you wish.

a photo – a description – a link

Like booking your trip with the Smart Trip Tool, it’s all about saving time. Imagine making changes to your website without having to rely on a tech person or a webmaster for every new initiative.

  • Getting to your location
  • Features of your facility or event
  • Photos or Videos you wish to share
  • and so much more
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