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Chicke lives in Tampa, FL with her husband and her son (and daughter when she is home from Belgium where she attends the University). She loves cruising, a good novel and great wine, preferably enjoyed at the same time.  Her personal hero is Dumbo, who didn’t know that he couldn’t fly.

Chicke Fitzgerald

ceo, founder and chief rainmaker

Chicke is the lead investor in Solutionz.  She is responsible for Solutionz’ strategic direction and for business development. Her focus is maximizing investor returns and inspiring the executive team to accomplish business goals.

Chicke spent the first half of her career working for industry leading travel distribution technology and telecom companies. If you have ever made a travel booking online or checked in for a flight, chances are Chicke worked for one of the companies that pioneered that technology. The second half has been spent turning trip tech and travel storytelling on its head.

She formed Solutionz in 1996 and for the last 20+ years has provided advisory services as a game changing technologist and business designer. In the current venture, we’ve engineered into our business model the things that we want to achieve – giving back and innovation.

Chicke builds companies and has invested over $1.2 million on her own, while raising an additional $6 million in investment capital. Recognized as a game changer, her investment actions reflect her commitment to innovation and her principles. She is also an investor in Rich Media Exchange, a digital asset marketing and management firm. She is author of The Game Changer, published in 2017. And she is the host of The Game Changer Podcast, which is distributed on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher, InTune and IHeartRadio.

She is inspired by this video that reminds her of what she has done when people told her that she couldn’t fly.


the executive team

Bev and her husband live in the Florida Keys and loves to attend concert and being involved in the local community.  She devotes time to her family.  She gives of her time to philanthropic organizations and loves to travel.

Bev Heinritz

Chief Development Officer and Investor

Bev is in charge of business development and channel partnerships for Solutionz.  She oversees team development, business development and partner development.  Bev is an accomplished business executive with 20+ years of progressive experience in the corporate travel industry. She has been responsible in those roles for success in driving profitable growth in challenging and competitive online travel technology markets.

Bev has exceptionally strong skills in building and maintaining customer relationships.

She reports directly to the CEO and is ultimately responsible for driving strategy and building value for the organization and its various stakeholders.

During the past 30 years, Bev has held senior leadership positions in a number of technology companies and travel companies, including Sabre, GetThere/Travelocity for Business, BCD Travel, Deem and Dinova.

Bev has been a part of startup teams, both within a major corporation and at the entrepreneurial level.  She has been a part of several successful exits.

Cheryl lives in the Nashville, TN area with her husband.  She loves spending time with friends and family, which generally involves food and laughter and she enjoys  volunteering.


Cheryl Beasley

chief success officer

Cheryl is responsible for working with our partner and our clients once the implementation is complete.  She and her team will manage the marketing rollout for our enterprise clients, assisting them with communicating the new capabilities internally and to their own customer base.

She will also be responsible for growth in the engagement and utilization of TripProximity and TravelingtoGive by our clients, including making recommendations about merchandising and additional placement.

Most recently, Cheryl was the business manager for a performing and recording artist in Nashville.  She provided financial, marketing and tour and travel services for the artist/writer and his associates.  Previously, she spent several years working for Chicke at Solutionz as a consultant;  and at Chicke’s first tech company, leading the content management team.

Prior to that, she led Event Marketing for Sabre, one of the travel industries premier providers of technology to a wide range of clients.  Cheryl directed a team of professional meeting planners to deliver customer and employee events with excellent programming and entertainment value and within budget.



Lynda lives in Tampa with her husband. They are recent empty-nesters and love watching how their kids are blossoming on their own.    


Lynda Krueger

chief of staff

Lynda is the latest member of the Solutionz Executive team.  Lynda brings a wide range of skills in communications, technical and leadership training and human resources management to her role as chief of staff, reporting directly to the CEO. 

She will be responsible for recruiting, onboarding and training of staff, for corporate communications and for crafting effective client documentation and training materials.  This will be done in partnership with the other members of the executive team, ensuring that they have the tools needed to ensure the success of their team and of our clients and their customers.    Lynda will have overall responsibility for helping us to engage in practices that all business units can apply to run a more efficient operation.

Lynda is transitioning from time dedicated to raising her two children, who are now attending college. Prior to that, she held roles in technical and leadership training and she also worked in human resources.  She is a graduate from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, where she earned a bachelors degree in communication.




the co-founders

Paolo resides in Weston-Super-Mare on the Bristol Channel in the UK. He is passionate about his cat and hitting the gym whenever he has the time.

Paolo Resteghini

vp product design and technical co-founder

Paolo is our resident rock star. As the technical co-founder of our venture, TripProximity, he is bringing our game changing ideas to life.  Once the platform work was completed, as we shifted to building out the company infrastructure, Paolo has continued to run his development and filming business, and has continued to be available to support our customers.

At the age of 13, Paolo began creating technology to solve problems. He has a magical ability to command pixels, bits and bytes to do his bidding. He sees solutions from the customer’s perspective, which is an incredible talent in a developer. His early work and more than a decade of design and development experience led to his most recent role as the Head of Development for a media firm in the UK.

Problem solving and innovation is in his DNA, which makes him a perfect fit for Solutionz. Paolo has built a Content Management System that is now a part of the company’s incubator program.

He is responsible for new product design and product development.

Adam resides in Weston-Super-Mare on the Bristol Channel in the UK with his wife, Dani. He is passionate about all things technical and of course, about his cat.  On a sunny day, he can be found trekking with Dani in the Brecon Beacons.

Adam Keesey

vp architecture and technical co-founder

Adam and Paolo began working together as young teens and so when Paolo joined Solutionz as our technical co-founder, it was natural for him to bring Adam along.  His always sunny disposition (despite the lack of sunshine in the UK!) coupled with his broad talent set makes him an incredible asset to Solutionz.

Don’t let his youthful appearance fool you.  Adam has over a decade of experience in networks and systems architecture, as well as in system security and development.

He is a talented developer and has contributed to both our widget product and the creation of a game changing portal for the management of client and company analytics.  He also contributes to the design and distribution of our smart trip tools through third party platforms.

He is responsible for systems and product architecture, security, infrastructure and the tools used to manage our development team and our product and source code hosting.

Adam has been named as one of our co-inventors on some of the newest TripProximity inventions (stay tuned!).

Like Paolo, Adam continues to work in their development business while we work on building out the company infrastructure and scale up revenues.

Mary Jo lives in the Gold Canyon, AZ area with her husband and is passionate about golf, golf and golf, in that order.

Mary Jo Becker

Co-Founder and Channel Partner

Mary Jo is a co-founder of the TripProximity venture and is responsible for business development and identifying new, innovative opportunities.

Mary Jo learned the dynamics of the travel industry in senior positions with leading technology companies Galileo, Cendant, Travelport, Worldspan and Sabre. She also co-founded a tech services and business process outsourcing firm, TDT.

In 2013, her deep expertise and entrepreneurial drive led her to launch Arizona Golf Trails.  AGT is a specialized vacation provider for golfers seeking the best in desert golfing.

Mary Jo’s product design and delivery background brings seasoned experience to the clients of TripProximity. She is our “rock”, providing a solid direction for all things technical.

Helene lives in the Tampa area.  She is a song writer and performer and she loves spending time with her daughters and her granddaughters.

Helene Polly

vp client success and administration

Helene is on deck to join the company when we are fully funded.  She will be working on obtaining our ‘female owned’ certification, and will handle administration, finance, technical sales support, client success and cultural designs for the organization.

She has been involved with the concept of the TripProximity and TravelingToGive offerings since their inception.

Helene will apply her creativity, competitive nature and perseverance to the challenges of building and scaling Solutionz.