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Chicke lives in Tampa, FL with her husband and their two cats.  She loves cruising, a good novel and great wine, preferably enjoyed at the same time.  Her personal hero is Dumbo, who didn’t know that he couldn’t fly.

Chicke Fitzgerald

CEO, founder, chief rainmaker and lead investor

Chicke is responsible for Solutionz’ strategic direction and for business development. Her focus is maximizing investor returns and inspiring the executive team to accomplish business goals.

Chicke spent the first half of her career working for industry leading travel distribution technology and telecom companies. If you have ever made a travel booking online or checked in for a flight, chances are Chicke worked for one of the companies that pioneered that technology. The second half has been spent turning trip tech and travel storytelling on its head.

She formed Solutionz in 1996 and for the last 20+ years has provided advisory services as a game changing technologist and business designer. In the current venture, we’ve engineered into our business model the things that we want to achieve – giving back and innovation.

Chicke builds companies and has invested over $1.2 million on her own, while raising an additional $6 million in investment capital. Recognized as a game changer, her investment actions reflect her commitment to innovation and her principles. She is also an investor in Rich Media Exchange, a digital asset marketing and management firm. She is author of The Game Changer, published in 2017. And she is the host of The Game Changer Podcast, which is distributed on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher, InTune and IHeartRadio.




Chicke is inspired by this video that reminds her of what she has done when people told her that she couldn’t fly.

Learn more about Chicke’s backstory, both personally and professionally and what makes her fly.

The Co-Builders

Solutionz is not a startup.  We have been building and testing our patent pending platform in all of our target markets since 2017, building out our product, marketing, sales and service infrastructure.  At the end of 2019 we were ready to begin to scale the company.  With the onset of the Pandemic in early 2020, we made a tough decision to “pause” the company.

We are now forming a new team of co-builders to take the Company to the next level.

Neeta resides in Solihull, England, in the United Kingdom. She is passionate about her family and she values the power of laughter and friendship.

Neeta Solanki | Chief Success Officer and Investor

Co-Builder with a focus on Finance and Building High Performance Teams

Neeta joined us in September of 2021, leading International Business Development and serving as the Fractional CFO.  Neeta has over 20 years of experience in change management with people, technology, accounting, financial reporting, marketing, process improvement, scenario planning and analytics. She started her career on the Cadbury’s chocolate grounds in the UK and left the corporate world in 2017 whilst at IBM.

Neeta is dedicated to helping Solutionz strategically grow our business,  refine our competitive edge, and to help the team cultivate the right mindset and the know-how to build towards success.

Neeta lives in the UK.


Kerri holds an undergraduate degree in International Business from the University of Columbia, Missouri, and an Executive MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management

Kerri A. Zeil

Strategy and Business Development

Focusing on Corporate Operations, Partnerships and Fund-Raising, Kerri brings years of executive level experience within enterprise and startup organizations to Solutionz. This gives her unique insight into how to best support Solutionz on opportunities that drive growth and revenue generation.
In 2022, Kerri stepped away from her most recent position as Director, Amadeus Launchpad, a startup program focused on generating revenue and fostering innovation worldwide by identifying scalable business models and go to market and growth strategies with unique commercial, partnership and investment support.

Prior to joining Amadeus North America, Kerri held various roles in Global Distribution, joined Orbitz Worldwide when it was an early-stage startup, and worked at the European brand ebookers, both now part of Expedia Group. She was responsible for the execution of multiple global initiatives, including industry-changing technologies and strategic partnerships.
Supporting and providing immediate impact to early-stage startups primed for growth is where Kerri now spends her time focused on business development consulting, advisory board services, mentorship programs, and working with the investment community. Kerri provides a perspective and foundational expertise to uniquely support the travel startup ecosystem and help navigate an industry that is at times is complicated and ever-changing.

Annette resides in the Miami area. She is passionate about her family and is totally loyal to her friends and loved ones, which includes her cats.  Annette an avid workout, health and fitness maven.

Annette Hogan – Chief Growth Officer

Co-Builder with a focus on leveraging innovation in sales and marketing

Annette is a recent addition to the Solutionz Executive Team, but is a long time colleague of Chicke, having worked together on multiple occasions over the past 20 years with Solutionz and in her various roles in omni-channel marketing, where she hired Chicke as a consultant on five separate occasions.

In her new role, she is responsible for sales, partnership management and marketing.  She brings more than three decades of deep travel technology marketing experience to Solutionz.

Her accomplishments included holding senior roles with global distribution system leaders Sabre and Amadeus, international tech company Travelogix BV, cruise and tour operator marketing roles with Royal Caribbean, Cruise Planners, LMVH, Apple Leisure Group and Far & Wide, events and destination experience with Delaware North/Kennedy Space Center Visitors Complex and targeted marketing/omni-channel advertising company, Likemind.

She has also had significant startup experience in cruise technology and healthcare/lifestyle industries and she is a commercial real estate investor, all of which gives her the confidence and the freedom to pursue new opportunities, such as being a part of the re-launch team for TravelingToGive.

Cara resides in the Kansas City area. She is passionate about customer satisfaction and best practice.

Cara Miller – Chief Experience Officer and Investor

Co-Builder with a focus on leveraging the power of Digital Marketing

Cara is the CEO and founder of ZIV, Solutionz partner in the Digital Marketing arena.  Her expertise and passion is in the fields of Innovation, digital transformation and customer experience.

For her role with Solutionz, the E in CEO is Experience.   Cara is responsible for the customer experience with the company and also with our products and services.

She obtained a Master’s focused in Design Management from University of Kansas. Cara was listed on the 2021 Forbes Next 1000 list. She operates a certified woman owned business.

Jan has just relocated to Lima, Ohio after nearly two decades in the Phoenix area. Jan absolutely loves to cook and to share her creations with her friends.  She is devoted to her family, including her cats.  She is an active practitioner of aromatherapy.

Jan Doerter – Chief Customer Officer

Co-Builder with a focus on innovation in customer care

Jan has recently re-joined Solutionz after retiring from Wells Fargo, where she was VP of Business Support. Chicke and Kerri used their powers of persuasion to pull her out of retirement to participate in the re-launch of TravelingToGive.   Jan and Chicke have worked together for over 40 years and once Chicke left corporate life, the two of them have hired one another on multiple occasions on a consulting basis.  Kerri and Jan have also known one another for more than 30 years.  Coming back together on this venture was a natural!

Jan brings rich background in multi-channel distribution, product development, business analysis, process and procedure, client and supplier relations, contract negotiations and change/project management.   Her versatility in working at a board level, while still able to build teams and manage outsourced partners is unparalleled.

Jan started her career in the travel industry with several regional travel agencies and met Chicke in 1982 in Kansas City when they were both working with a large agency there.  Jan’s travel tech experience began at TWA, which morphed into a role with PARS and Worldspan, the marketing technology spinoffs of the airline.   Jan and Kerri were both with Worldspan and Jan was instrumental in recruiting Chicke, where they both worked on a merger with Amadeus and Abacus and the integration of the Delta Datas II and PARS systems when Delta, Northwest and TWA formed Worldspan (now known as Travelport).

Jan held various consulting roles with Barfield Cauthen, IBM and Walt Disney Travel Company and Ernst & Young, followed by a stint with Solutionz assisting on several million dollar projects, including Carlson 24k, Intel and LasVegas.com.  In 2003 she joined American Express, as director of distribution strategy.  She also worked at Macy’s as an executive liaison and then ended her time in Phoenix with Wells Fargo.

Jan earned her Bachelors in Business at Kennesaw State University after doing undergrad work at the University of Kansas.

The technical co-founders

Our technical co-founders are in charge of our tech build and our product roadmap.  They bring invaluable knowledge of the original vision and incredible skills to the management of the development process.

Paolo resides in Weston-Super-Mare on the Bristol Channel in the UK. He is passionate about his cat and hitting the gym whenever he has the time.  His wife and new son are at the center of his very busy world.

Paolo Resteghini

Technical co-founder and VP design

Paolo began his time with Solutionz as our resident rock star. As the technical co-founder of our venture, TripProximity, he was instrumental in bringing our game changing ideas to life.  Once the platform work was completed, as we shifted to building out the company infrastructure, Paolo has continued to run his development and filming business, and is now an executive advisor.

At the age of 13, Paolo began creating technology to solve problems. He has a magical ability to command pixels, bits and bytes to do his bidding. He sees solutions from the customer’s perspective, which is an incredible talent in a developer. His early work and more than a decade of design and development experience led to his most recent role as the Head of Development for a media firm in the UK.

Problem solving and innovation is in his DNA, which makes him a perfect fit for Solutionz. Paolo has built a Content Management System that is now a part of the company’s incubator program.


Adam resides in Weston-Super-Mare on the Bristol Channel in the UK with his wife, Dani and their new son. He is passionate about all things technical and of course, about his cat.  On a sunny day, he can be found trekking with Dani and the baby in the Brecon Beacons.

Adam Keesey

Technical co-founder and VP architecture

Adam and Paolo began working together as young teens and so when Paolo joined Solutionz as our technical co-founder, it was natural for him to bring Adam along.  His always sunny disposition (despite the lack of sunshine in the UK!) coupled with his broad talent set makes him an incredible asset to Solutionz.

Don’t let his youthful appearance fool you. Adam has well over a decade of experience in networks and systems architecture, as well as in system development.

He is a talented developer and has contributed to both our widget product and the creation of a game changing portal for the management of client and company analytics.  He also contributed to the design and distribution of our smart trip tools through third party platforms.

Adam has been named as one of our co-inventors on some of the newest TripProximity inventions.

Like Paolo, Adam continues to work in their development business while we work on building out the company infrastructure and scale up revenues.  He is now an advisor to our CTO.

The team

We have a fractional team that is available to assist on an as needed basis.  They are part of the Slicing Pie program, earning their “slice” of the pie with their time and contribution (and investment if appropriate).

Corinne lives in Tampa.   She is deeply involved in pet rescue.   Her greatest joy is watching someone realize their dreams by enhancing their perspective, walking in their personal power and fulfilling their God given purpose.

Corinne Sanzone | VP Giving

Corinne was a part of the original launch team in 2017 in the role of Director of Business Development.  She recently rejoined the team, leading our non-profit efforts.  She brings her innate abilities to help clients and team members alike to master their goals and achieve successes beyond their wildest dreams.  Her experience in the events industry and working with non-profits is a perfect fit with two of our largest target markets.

She has spent the last decade consulting in the strategic marketing arena.  Corinne has a natural gift to build a bridge between a visionary and the end consumer. She is the force behind many powerful brands and dynamic leaders.


Tony and his wife and two grown children live in Tampa, surrounded by dogs and cats.  They are Renaissance Fair enthusiasts and they love to entertain.

Tony Torres

Director of Client Services and Certified Project Manager

Tony has worked with Solutionz off and on for nearly 20 years.  He began by providing IT support to the company when we were a consulting firm.  He then did a 14 year stint with Apple Computer culminating in a role managing training and expansion for their channel partners.  Then he worked with us again from 2016-2018 providing support and training to our sales staff.  He then took a full time role managing the Southeast Division for Latch.

Tony rejoined Solutionz recently to lead technical sales support, onboarding and management of our client base and our channel partners.  He is also has his PMP certification and will provide much needed project management support to the entire team as we scale the Company.


Saba resides in Pakistan. She is passionate about learning and also about her family.

Saba Khadim

Digital Marketing Manager

Saba joined Solutionz in the fall of 2021 as a contractor, but she quickly made herself invaluable to the team.  She is youngest member of the team and our fourth internationally based team member.  She is responsible for our corporate web design, as well as site design and digital marketing support for the company.

Saba is a student and a lifelong learner.  Her willingness to learn any new tool thrown at her is a part of her magic.  She takes on tough challenges and impossible tasks.  She turns them into possibilities.

Our Development Team