The Lightning – tapping into the power of the fan base

Turning fan travel into incremental donations for the Foundation or Feeding Tampa Bay

The Stanley Cup Champions enjoy an amazing fan base. Have you wondered how to keep them engaged all year round?

The Lightning fan base travels all year round.  Make every trip they take benefit the Foundation.

Did you know that most Americans travel on average 4.6 times per year, for 1.2 nights.   For every 10,000 of your fans, that is over 50,000 hotel nights a year.  7StarService will help the Lightning keep your fans engaged all year long through creation and promotion of the Click Travel GIVE program, giving back to the Foundation with each trip they take.

Solutionz will partner with the Lightning Foundation and donate 50% of our revenues from each trip booked if you launch any portion of the program before the start of the season.

That is 10x what Amazon Smile contributed for purchases made by donors.  If translated into a donation to Feeding Tampa Bay, 10,000 engaged members would result in 5 million meals.

In literally minutes, the TravelingToGive™ tool can be inserted on the team Facebook page and also could be on each players’ fan page.  Each tool can be set up to support whatever charity you choose.

Reach out to your 579k fans on Facebook

It takes just 5 minutes to pin an image linked to TravelingToGive™ to your Facebook page so your fans can book their travel to anywhere, for any reason.

7StarServices, in cooperation with Tampa based Solutionz will craft a ClickTravelGive™ program for your fans.

Help members find a nearby hotel for away games

Don’t leave money on the table.  Every trip to an away game can still feed the homeless in Tampa Bay.   Whether it is #DistantThunder fans or local fans following our team, you can help them find a hotel nearby the away arena.

And for home games, you can be assured that the Marriott will be the first property shown if there are rooms available – no need to do room blocks.

Give your corporate partners another way to support the Lightning

Any of your partners that elect to use TravelingToGive to fulfill their sponsorship commitments to you will benefit the Foundation.  We can help them with an employee benefits program or a corporate-wide initiative..

For the die hard fans that want to see every game, even the away games

The results from just one booking

Benefits to the Team

  • Diversify your current revenue streams and make incremental revenues from existing fans for travel that is already happening
  • Add transactional, recurring revenue stream from hotel bookings  (and car rental and air as well) for road bookings
  • Near immediate ROI, with dynamic smart trip tool implementation taking minutes or hours, not days, weeks and months
  • Be the first in your category to add smart trip planning

Benefits to the Travelers

  • Find and book available hotels nearby
  • Get driving directions to any location, including away games
  • Optionally get car rental and/or air tickets to any location
  • 24×7 online ability to change or cancel bookings made plus phone support

Benefits to your Culture

  • Companies that build cause marketing into their culture attract better employees and are more profitable.  Said more simply GIVE MORE | MAKE MORE.
  • For any referrals of TravelingToGive to a local non-profit organization or event, we will pay a 10% royalty to the Lightning and donate 25% to the non-profit in your name. This is 5x the contribution of Amazon Smile on a higher average value transaction.


Getting Started

You will begin by customizing your dynamic smart trip tool(s) in our portal.  Then you will use our instructions to write a short script to pull your data dynamically at transaction time.   Each one should not take more than an hour to build, write the script, install and test.

We will provide a complete implementation guide.

You may have multiple dynamic widgets – one for event landing page, one for making it a weekend and still another for embedding in confirmation emails.  We will help you in the setup and testing process.  Getting you registered and on the implementation schedule is the first step.

Your portal is live and we have built some tools to get you started.  You can invite anyone that needs to be involved in the evaluation of this opportunity.

There is no long term agreement required.  Please simply register as an enterprise client and 7 Star Service will set up your Success Meeting with those on your team that will be responsible for implementation.    If you still have questions, we are happy to have a call before you register.