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Crave Performance Protein Powder

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FINALLY! There is a protein shake with quality ingredients, delicious taste, and backed by science to actually provide results!!
Protein works hard for you, simultaneously, from two different angles:

Builds Lean Muscle a constant waterfall of protein is critical for the growth and development of lean muscle mass, and helps preserve existing muscle tissue (so that your muscles won’t deflate over-time, aka catabolism). It also helps increase strength gains.

Supports Fat Lossprotein suppresses appetite and keeps hunger from flaring up; reduces the body’s propensity to store fat, by controlling blood sugar levels and insulin — a hormone that controls fat storage; and it torches major calories after consumption (via thermogenesis), which promotes weight loss and prevents fat gain.

Protein incinerates upwards of 35% of its own calories during digestion and metabolism, whereas carbs & fat lie in the inefficient 5-15% range. Translated, a 100 calorie meal from protein burns up to 35 calories; that same meal from carbs or fat would only knock off 5-15.
Protein powder is the easiest way to perpetually sustain the superpowers above; in particularly if you’re on-the-go or constrained by a budget.

One scoop of Crave protein powder contains 22 grams of protein, 20-25 grams is an ideal amount of protein to have at one time. One study found that 20 grams of protein is the optimal amount to maximally stimulate protein synthesis, or our body’s ability to build muscle. Crave also excels in the category because it is 100% whey protein ISOLATE. This is the highest ranked protein powder on the biological value scale. This means the protein is easily and quickly utilized by our bodies.

Whey protein isolate is more concentrated protein than whey concentrate so you’re getting more protein per scoop with this ultra pure form of protein than with any other. It’s also the type of protein that is absorbed quickest in your body, so it’s great to have after a workout.

If you’re looking to build muscle and lose body fat, (and who isn’t?) Crave is going to help you do that. The right way. The quality protein will help you gain and maintain lean muscle, even as you lose weight.

​Digestion Rate: Fast
Ideal For: Anyone trying to maximize muscle growth and recovery.
Those with digestive issues. Anyone who’s on a low-to-no carb diet.
Timing: Post-workout.

Crave earns a solid 5 Stars in the “calories category” and here’s why!
— Calories from Fat: 0
— Calories from Carbs: 0
— Calories from Protein: 115

100% of the calories in Crave are from protein. There is no sugar and no fat in this powder. You are getting a significant serving of protein to help build and repair your muscles, without extra calories and fillers.

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