Success Soup – A is for Acumen

The first in a series – the Alphabet Soup of Success


I have great memories of Campbell’s Alphabet Soup when I was a kid.  I can’t remember what my favorite thing was to spell, but for this series, it is SUCCESS.

Many of us would think about the domain part of expertise when we hear the word “acumen”, such as in “business acumen”. Or perhaps you are a cruise expert and you think of your acumen as it relates to planning high end luxury cruises for your clients.  Or you are an expert at editing and grammar.

I maintain that the really important part of this definition is what Webster provides in the dictionary.  It is the combination of being able to make good judgements and quick decisions.

That is Acumen with a CAPITAL A.

This morning I met someone who I swear is actually an old friend. She and I were introduced by a mutual friend just yesterday, but have SO much in common that I am actually surprised that we have never met.

We were talking about how so many industries have missed the boat on innovation and sustainability, not because they don’t have the data to make a decision, or that they are not astute, shrewd or clever, but because they can’t move quickly enough. And that comes from a fear of change. 

I now have a whole new appreciation of the word ACUMEN. And we are 1/26th of the way on our journey to success. 

What words can you think of that begin with the letter A that contribute to success, either personal or business.  Comment below to share your thoughts.  

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Stay tuned for B. That will be tomorrow’s Alphabet Soup of Success letter.  Let the games begin!  


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