Solutionz has been delivering strategic advisory services since 1996.  We have worked with for profit, not for profit and non-profit organizations to help them with growth, innovation and engagement strategies.  We have a global perspective and are as comfortable with working with business to business (B2B) focused companies and those that work directly with consumers.

When you have a problem, we help you envision and execute the solution.

Opportunity Map & Risk Plan

We provide a one day discovery session, with a discovery map and a risk assessment outline for your organization.  We leave behind the tools needed to mitigate risks and to further assess strategic initiatives.

Brand Audit and Strategy

We take 3 days to audit your existing brand presence (web, blog, videos, social media) and present our recommendations on your branding strategy.

Complex Project Management

We have a team of certified project management professionals that can assist with complex projects, such as Mergers and Acquisition, systems integration and a change in strategic direction with new product development.

Team Effectiveness Strategy and Coaching

We provide an assessment of your team’s capabilities and effectiveness, using a unique tool known as Opusuna™.    While your team may have done other assessments, Opusuna measures things that traditional methods do not, and what you measure is what you get.  We also have coaching staff that can work with your senior executives to transform your culture and your effectiveness

Product Design, Management & Development

We have a team of designers and developers that can assist with developing game changing products and platforms.  They can also assist with website design and system architecture.

3 Day Integrated Planning Session

Following our Discovery Session, we conduct a three-day integrated strategic planning session.  The outcome is a 500-600 line Microsoft Project Plan that is measurable and executable.

Here are some of the companies that we have helped since 1996.

Business to Business – Tech and Finance

Non-Profit and Association

Business to Consumer/Retail

We have proven methodologies that we have used in serving multi-billion dollar companies, the investment community and to help incubate early stage companies, particularly in the tech field.

We use a unique model, which is a combination of a fixed price for our services, a guarantee of success and a willingness to risk alongside with you based on the results of the project.

We generally begin by conducting a discovery session, which results in an opportunity assessment.  For more complex opportunities and projects, we conduct a proprietary integrated strategy session which takes your team [in less than 3 days] from a concept to having an integrated, executable and measurable project plan.  That planning session follows the outline seen in this image, taking your team from the strategy side of the bridge to the fulfillment of the vision on the execution side of the bridge.

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