Life motivates trips.

We’ve all had these types of trips crop up.

They are the ones motivated by a meeting with a client, an invitation to a wedding, a group text to attend a game or concert, or the middle-of-the-night call of a family member’s medical emergency.

For the businesses and venues that bring together online information for life’s events, our new TripProximity smart trip tool integrates trip planning to save time for visitors in securing a hotel nearby.

When’s life’s events inspire an overnight trip, proximity matters.

While TripProximity helps businesses generate a seamless experience for guests, once you achieve the monthly minimum bookings, it also delivers a new stream of royalty revenue, plus you accrue a donation to your charity of choice.

It’s simple to integrate wherever trip planning is needed and literally takes minutes.  Here is the TripProximity smart trip tool.


The TripProximity smart trip tool is a business-to-business solution that is ultimately used by consumers. Trip planning works best when it is integrated into the reason motivating the trip.

We deliver value to event venues, arenas, hospitals, universities, convention centers, funeral homes, ministries — any place where people may need a hotel while they visit.

With a simple snippet of code, you can integrate a smart trip tool to your site, CRM platform, a calendaring solution, a contact management product, blog or  digital image management platform.  We make it easy for businesses to optimize their customer’s experience.


The TripProximity and TravelingToGive tools are free.

Once your business delivers 10 bookings, you automatically are entered into our Level 2 program and earn a 10% royalty on the total revenue earned. And annually we make a 10% donation to the charity of your choice.

For enterprise and non-profit clients, there can be even more upside.   Let’s talk.


The TripProximity tool dynamically fills in the address and likely dates of travel (easily edited by traveler). It makes it easy for a ticket buyer, a registrant, or an event guest to quickly check hotel and trip details — right while they are in the buying path or registering. No more burden on the visitor to search for the exact address and remember the dates. It’s easy to provide a seamless experience to visitors coming your way.