Secrets to our Success – Our Partners

As a serial entrepreneur, I believe that I owe it to my fellow entrepreneurs to “give back” to those who have helped us along the way.  One way is to give them a “shout out.”

Remote Work Security, Equipment and Policies


Our latest partner is Riomar. The Riomar Group “remote work” IT solutions focus on productivity and security for those companies that are considering a more permanent work at home policy, procedures and standards.  Here is a link to our press release.



Two of our other key partners are Seamless.ai and Hubspot.  And they are unwitting partners in one major aspect of our success – finding and tracking prospect activity and turning prospects into clients.


Customer Relationship Management

First HubSpot.  They have a program for incubators called HubSpot for startups.

We are a part of the Game Changer Network, 212˚ and Beyond  incubator program.  As a result, we are eligible for a significant discount on the full suite of Hubspot tools.

HubSpot gave us the ability to get organized in a highly visual, very simple user experience for managing contacts, companies and our deals, as well as our documents and tasks.


Prospect Intelligence

Second and perhaps even more importantly is Seamless.ai.  Their solutionz helps us get info from LinkedIn to Hubspot in literally less than a minute.  This is a critical part of our targeting process.

Let me share my story about them via video testimony.