Release Notes – V3.1

Preview & Ready to Use

The latest update has streamlined the ways to use your smart trip tools.

From the List of tools, you can now grab the code directly using the grey icon.

New Navigation

On the Preview and Ready to Use screen you will now see the Quick Edit on the left and the preview on the right.

You may also view the mobile version of the tool, which will not include the header image.


If you haven’t been on the site in awhile, the first thing that you will notice is the new navigation.  If you have already signed up for our beta tests and/or our waitlists, or you are not interested, please let us know and we can set your account to bypass this page when you login.  If you want to know more before you commit, click on Schedule a Call and we’ll be happy to fill you in.

Top Navigation

Across the top you will find the Solutionz logo.  If you wish to visit the Solutionz site to learn more about the company, simply click on the logo.

Next you will see the “BREADCRUMBS“.  This will show you at all times where you are in the system.  You may click on any of the location names in the breadcrumbs to return to that place, including returning HOME.

Next is your current LEVEL.  We have 3 levels.  Everyone begins at Level 1, unless you were referred by one of our Level 2 or 3 accounts.  If you would like to know what is available to you at each level, you may use the dropdown and look at the UPGRADE options or you may change your billing cycle.

The NOTIFICATIONS bell is where you will find important communications from our team to your team.

The INFO page is designated with a question mark.  Right now this links you to our support page, which opens in a separate tab on our corporate website.  In the next release we will be expanding this function, so that you remain inside the Portal.

Next you will see your IMAGE.  If there is no image displayed, you may update your USER Profile and add your picture.  Think of this as your SETTINGS page.

This function allows you to view or update your ACCOUNT, your USER profile or to LOGOUT, click on the dropdown from your image.

If you are a Client Administrator, you will also see an ADMIN dropdown.  From there you may update or view your Templates, view the companies that you manage, edit the users that you manage.


Side Navigation

The left navigation has been streamlined.  The Company that you have selected when you login now has its own logo in the upper left corner.  Your name/title and the company name appear just beneath it.  If you manage other accounts that you have created under your email, you may switch accounts easily by clicking on Switch Account.  Your list of managed accounts will popup and with one click you can switch.  You no longer need to sign out each time you wish to switch to a different managed account.

The navigation displayed under the company info will depend on which product you are using.

For smart trip, the system will display your portal and you may then go into your Tools and create, list and edit your Smart Trip tools.

New Help Functions

Throughout the system, the new help functions will be persistent at the lower left of the screen.  You may schedule a call with us or chat online.  Within the chat function you may also use our Knowledge Base to ask questions about TravelingToGive and our other new tools that are coming soon.

New Account Navigation

We have changed the navigation for the Account screen and made it easier to choose the area that you want to update.  All of the functions are the same that were on the old style navigation.

New User Profile Navigation

The user profile has all of the same elements for details and identity, but they are now in a simpler format for navigation within the User Profile.  The referrals page is new, as we now allow referral tracking at the user level.  It was previously done only at the account level.  The system will also show you the accounts that you have referred and their activity.

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