The Company

Our Founder’s Story

Our Founder, Chicke Fitzgerald is a
born entrepreneur.   This is her story.
You’ll want to meet her.

The Sounding Board

We are unconventional.  We know that the needs
of an early stage company are broad.  The
Sounding Board is our answer.

Our tools

The CRM System Story

We created this video for our first CRM Client,
Greenrope.  We are more than a tech partner,
we help to promote the product through videos,
webinars, writing FAQs, and more.

VISIT US for Venue Managers

We believe that storytelling is the most powerful
way to demonstrate our value.  This video was
created for venue managers to show them the
power of the VISIT US tool.

Donations while you sleep

Giving is who we are, not what we do.
We think you might be the same way.
TravelingToGive provides a way for
non-profits to raise money and to
provide sponsorships to events that
benefit your cause.

The Event Planner Story

Event planners have enough to do without
having to be concerned about the logistics
for getting attendees to the event.  Our Smart
Events tool goes way beyond finding hotel
rooms nearby.  We also put our tool in the
hands of the true influencers that get people
to an event.

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