Our Village

In Chicke’s book, the Game Changer, one of the key premises is that it takes a village to build a company. One of her superpowers is bringing together exceptional talent and selling them on helping to achieve the end game of her vision.  Chicke has a knack for finding the crazy ones that actually believe that we can change the world.  She is known for zigging where others zag and creating value, growth and bringing to life crazy good ideas that will leave a legacy.

That is a core part of Solutionz success story. We have built an amazing patent pending product, an inspiring brand family and an impressive support infrastructure. We have a board and Sounding Board that brings us additional expertise and experience. All in all, our village has contributed over 35k hours to building the company.  They are a part of the Solutionz game changing village and they are all committed to #zigwithchicke.