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DO GOOD and MAKE MONEY Summit Interview – How to become a recognized authority on innovation, community and giving


Solutionz and the Game Changer Network appoint Riomar Group as the “Smart Remote Work” solution for its clients

Tampa tech CEO has been named to the Hero Club

Vector Trust invests in Tampa-Based Solutionz

Smart home, smart travel: Disruptive tech companies in Tampa Bay Area features story on TripProximity, a Solutionz venture

83Degrees Media

The rocket is out of the basement: Fullcontact and TripProximity leverage the power of data intelligence to simplify meetings

Press Release

Age old business solved by GREENROPE and TRIPROXIMITY – “where should I stay?” call is now obsolete.

Press Release

Non-profit Traffick911 receives a donation for every trip booked using TravelingToGive on their site. #GivingMatters

Press Release

Sounding Board Announcements

Solutionz Innovations will be the proving ground for the Sounding Board, led by Perry Yeatman. Click image for article.

Jody Newman joins the Sounding Board

Solutionz appoints Holly Nelson to Sounding Board

Solutionz appoints former EY partner, Bob Reiner, to its Sounding Board

Solutionz appoints Dallas-based Christine Bradshaw to Sounding Board

Solutionz appoints Edelman’s Arielle Patrick to its Sounding Board

Former Deloitte principal, Gerry Cunningham joins the Sounding Board

CEO of Startup Ignition joins the Sounding Board

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