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The Event Traveler


If your business is impacted by event travel,  you will want to participate in this syndicated study.  There are multiple levels of participation and we will present the study results at a Think Tank in Tampa, FL (to be announced).

By being a part of the syndicated study, you will be invited to participate in the Think Tank and will also receive details that are not published in the public version of the study.

Solutionz Innovations and Mandala Research are fielding a syndicated study of the trip planning behaviors of the event segment of the domestic travel market.   As you can see in the images above, events come in many shapes and sizes and people travel to many events that may not normally be on your radar.

We will be looking to dispel some common misconceptions about events.

•    “Our attendees are primarily local, so they don’t need a hotel”

•     “Most travelers in our category stay with friends and family, versus staying in a hotel”

•     “The sharing economy is changing the face of events”

•     “We use blocked space at hotels and require that attendees stay there”

•     “We don’t want to encourage attendees to book outside the room block”

Event travel is distinguished from traditional vacation and business travel as being focused on a specific venue and time and place, where travelers are not “shopping” for a place to go or have the luxury of planning a business meeting around the schedules of the individuals participating.

This includes scheduled, often professionally managed events, scheduled public events, scheduled personal events and unscheduled personal events.  People commit to these events through a variety of means, including ticketing and registration platforms, buying a ticket to a scheduled event, RSVPing for a personal event and answering an email, a call or even a text or social media post when they find out about an unscheduled event.  If you touch any of these platforms or are associated with the venues where these events are taking place, you will want to participate in this study.

This research program enlists the active participation of all sponsors in a collaborative approach to generate the most in-depth and insightful event market competitive intelligence available to travel, tourism, mapping and navigation company executives.  The study will kick off in early 2nd quarter of 2018, so download the study prospectus now.

The study is being coordinated by Laura Mandala of Mandala Research.  Laura has been helping the tourism industry unlock, decode and harness the power of travel data and trends for nearly two decades.  As the head of Mandala Research, one of the leading travel and tourism research firms in the world, she spends considerable time evaluating important emerging developments and that help destinations and travel companies make the right decisions to attract the right travelers.


Download the Event Study Prospectus

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