smarter project management

It is part methodology and part magic

It begins with getting everyone on the same page on strategy and vision and how it impacts priorities

Project management of very complex projects has been a hallmark of Solutionz for 21+ years.

We have literally blown our clients’ minds with the ability to do an integrated strategy for any initiative in just 2.5 days.  We involve all the key stakeholders, which sometimes even includes outside partners.

We begin by getting everyone on the same page as it relates to strategy and vision and then synching that up with existing projects/priorities to come up with a new, integrated plan.  Everyone parks their cell phones at the door and commits to being fully “present”.  Trust us, this is a critical piece of why this works and we get such game changing results.

Miraculously, the Integrated Planning Process also serves as a way to get everyone on the “bus”.  That and a measurable, executable plan is an amazing by product of the work session.

Have your own process and just need project management?

No problem.  We can also provide the resources to help you get your project completed.  From staffing the project on the tech side, to providing certified project management professionals, just let us know what you need.

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