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At Solutionz Services, we leverage our experience, agility, and partnership model to implement and execute transformational strategies for our clients. For 21+ years, we have been solving problems, every day, living up to our name in all that we do.

We are game changers.  We turn traditional consulting on its head with fixed price projects and guaranteed results and a relentless focus on the customer to produce innovation and growth.  And we are turning traditional incubators on their head by introducing new models to work with early stage companies to get them beyond the bootstrap stage and to increase their value before having to take in growth capital.

multi-industry focus across a wide range of disciplines

We have been in the advisory services business since 1996, when Chicke Fitzgerald began the firm with a focus on the travel, financial services, membership, insurance and telecoms industries.

We have serviced the top names in these industries and provide strategic planning, M&A support, strategic marketing, business expansion support, expert witness services and general contractor services for large, complex projects.

We have also operated our tech incubator, both for our own ventures and those select companies that we elect to work with to help them build their companies.

Over 200 projects • 90 clients •  10 startups

new leadership brings new capabilities and expanded market focus

Through our new partnership with Stan Liberatore and his team (formerly known as No Limit Staffing) we have now expanded our focus to include the IT, University and Healthcare communities, plus the ability to augment our client’s existing teams with short term or long term project resources.

Under Stan’s leadership, the team works alongside business leaders and IT professionals, excelling in strategic sourcing of team members and project teams, artificial intelligence, a wide range of technical skills, including building end-to-end lean care systems for providers, payers, and technical organizations.

Stan is also the newly appointed Florida HFMA Regional Educational Chair. In this role he will be coordinating HFMA educational events with Baycare, Moffitt and other Florida providers.

Stan Liberatore
VP Client Solutions

1-813-925-0789 x6

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