Solutionz appoints Melea Guilbault, former executive of Community Brands, to its Sounding Board for TripProximity

TAMPA, FL, November 7, 2019    Solutionz Innovations, a Tampa-based, industry-leading travel tech firm, today announced the appointment of local tech executive, Melea Guilbault, to its Sounding Board.

Melea most recently served as Senior Vice President and General Manager of Channels, Industry Alliances and Nonprofit Solutions for private-equity backed Community Brands, a high-growth technology company delivering cloud-based member and financial software, online learning, social and private community solutions, event tech and services to associations, nonprofits, faith-based groups, and K-12 schools.

She is a dynamic marketing, sales and channel executive with tremendous experience in developing innovative strategies that drive growth, brand recognition and revenue. A creative visionary, she is dedicated to advancing the technology industry through partnership engagement, purpose-driven impact and women’s empowerment.

The Sounding Board is a unique, virtual extension of the Solutionz Innovations Board of Directors, designed to accelerate the success of funders and founders by helping them reduce risk and make more informed decisions.

Executive Director of the Sounding Board, Perry Yeatman, added “Melea’s passion for supporting social impact organizations and membership-based associations makes her a perfect fit for the Sounding Board. And her business to business (B2B) experience scaling tech platforms will be invaluable as we continue to grow through both direct sales and strategic alliances across both non-profit organizations and high-growth companies.”

Chicke Fitzgerald, CEO of Solutionz, commented “Melea is the perfect addition to the existing team. And as an active champion of female entrepreneurs and an active part of the local community, I am really looking forward to having her as an advisor.”

Solutionz’ patent pending flagship product, TripProximity integrates trip planning into the digital tools and sites people use every day, thereby reducing the cost to acquire high intent travelers.  Fitzgerald added, “By targeting the systems and sites that people use every day, we are giving organizations new ways to monetize existing account bases and enrich the value of their tools and content to their customers, the end travelers.”


ABOUT SOLUTIONZ.  https://www.solutionz.com.  Since 1996, Solutionz has brought innovative thinking to the challenges facing the travel and technology industries.  Its clients are enterprise software companies, publishers, venues, events and non-profits.  The company helps them solve problems and make valuable contributions to their bottom lines as well as the charities they support.  The core business is our TripProximity™ smart trip technology, which we integrate into the digital tools and sites people already use every day.  And, we leave a legacy by giving back with each trip taken.

ABOUT THE SOUNDING BOARD. https://thegamechanger.network/the-sounding-board/.  Bringing together a well-vetted, well-rounded, ready-to-go team of experts from a variety of industries, functions, and geographies, The Sounding Board provides “as needed” counsel and support to early stage companies to help out with whatever opportunity or issue they are facing.  Whether a founder needs marketing help to hone their concept; an acting CxO to be their growth partner; or a corporate governance expert as funding comes through, The Sounding Board lets a start-up access new skills and knowledge as they evolve and grow, thereby saving funders and founders valuable time and money, without compromising quality.

TripProximity Contact:  Chicke Fitzgerald  813-925-0789 x3  chicke@solutionz.com



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