TripProximity is a venture of Solutionz Innovations, LLC.  The company is based in Tampa, FL.

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The Life Travel Market

Just in the US over $603 billion is spent on leisure trips that are motivated by life’s events.  Another $172 billion is for unmanaged business travel and meetings.   Roughly half of that spending is for trips that involve at least one overnight, which results in an addressable market for TripProximity of $387.9 billion.

Weddings, concerts, sporting events, business meetings, new babies, a family member in the hospital are just some of the “life” reasons that people travel.  Most of this travel is by car.

We better serve this immense and growing market by moving trip planning closer to the motivation for the trip. When life’s events motivate a trip, proximity matters.

Smart Trip Technology

Our technology wisely  searches on hotels nearby the “reason” for the trip.

Standard online travel sites focus hotel searches on an airport or city center.

The TripProximity smart trip widget is configured to automatically find available properties nearby your desired venue or event.

It is easily integrated into ticketing, registration, CRM, contact management, calendaring system and onto your Contact Us page of your website. This is a significant differentiator.

 B2B Distribution Partners

By helping businesses answer the question, “Where should I stay?”, TripProximity enhances the travelers experience.

TripProximity’s Level 2 partners earn a royalty for bookings made, while also generating a donation from Solutionz to the charity of their choice.

This B2B distribution strategy reduces investment in consumer brand building, providing a higher margin than other traditional travel sites.

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