Management-led Funding Round

Investment Summary

  • B2B smart tools addressing sales enablement and trip planning, based on life moment marketing
  • Patent-pending, market tested product that is highly portable and configurable
  • Recurring, transactional revenue stream and business model with giving as a central component
  • Just transitioned from pre-revenue to generating revenue before Covid-19
  • Experienced entrepreneurial team, with multiple exits
  • Over 35k hours invested on sweat equity basis

The Investor Profile

  • Interested in female led, social enterprises that benefit the organizations that we serve with donations to their charity of choice for each dollar of revenue
  • Wanting to invest in a patent pending tech company with a half a billion dollar revenue goal and multiple exit opportunities
  • Invest in pre-revenue as long as the infrastructure is in place to scale (e.g. mature product and activation infrastructure)
  • Prefer transactional and recurring revenue streams to licensing and subscription
  • Comfortable with B2B enterprise platforms that leverage the brands and networks of our clients to lower our cost of customer acquisition
  • Have other companies in your portfolio that might also benefit from our platform

Investors all have different styles and ways to evaluate opportunity.  We have put together several different approaches to satisfy those that want to read about the high points, those that are more familiar with the business model canvas and those of you that are more comfortable with a presentation deck.  We’ve taken a new spin on the deck and have narrated it for you.  Of course, if you are an information hound, you can look at all three of them!

Business Summary

Format:  2 Page Narrative
Reading time:  4-5 minutes

Business Model Canvas

Format:  Bullets, 2 pages
Reading time:  8-10 minutes

The Deck

Management-led Funding Round
Format:  Powerpoint Slides
Narrated:  20 minutes

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