Impact Matters

Think about having a new kind of balance sheet. One that measures impact.

That is precisely how Solutionz measures success.

We know that companies that give more, make more, so we have built giving right into our business model.

We not only give back to the charity of choice of our clients with each booking made with our TravelingToGive smart trip tools and with a percentage of each Smart Portfolio tool subscription, but our team selects a cause each month to donate to, through our partner B1G1, Business for Good.  They provide us with tools that allow us to dynamically display the impact of our team contributions.


Giving is not only a part of our TravelingToGive brand promise, but it is also a part of our identity


Set up a call to talk about incorporating TravelingToGive into your business strategy

We can also help our clients become more profitable through adoption of the B1G1 approach in their own business

If our clients don’t have a charity of choice, we can help them deploy a cause based approach that allows their employees to get more engaged in corporate giving.

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