Looking for passionate, world class talent with a network that includes world class organizations

We believe it takes diverse perspectives to build a company.  This includes individuals from traditional and non-traditional categories of diversity; and also diversity of experience in a broad range of industries and sizes of companies.  Our current team is just that – Diverse – with their energy focused on helping Solutionz reach its potential with the help of these game changers.

Who is an ideal Channel Partner?

  • You are a trusted resource for enterprise software companies – CRM, Calendaring, Contact Management, Ticketing & Registration/Event Tech
  • You are a trusted resource for large B2B publishers of events, companies, venues that want to attract attendees/visitors face to face
  • You work with non-profits and purpose driven companies to raise money for them to benefit one or more 501c3.

What is in it for you?

  • Add value to your existing offering to your network with minimal investment of time – product can be activated in minutes or hours, not days, weeks and months
  • Make money while you sleep
  • Give your network the ability to make money and donations while they sleepHere are our royalty rates.

Who do we sell to?

Enterprise sales is our end game

But the journey often begins with a Showcase Account or a Marquis Partner in a given sector

How does the money flow?

Our product is essentially free to our clients

There may be an implementation fee depending on the complexity.  Our model is to revenue share and to donate to their charity of choice.

The Smart Trip Tool

This is live, check it out

How do we market the product?

Start by understanding the versatility – one product with many uses

The product is configured easily in minutes, so implementation happens in minutes or hours, not days, weeks and months.


The road to YES begins with an introduction from you

Why do they need it?

Our focus is growth and engagement for our clients

There are many reasons for them to add our smart tools to their site, blog, Facebook page or enterprise system.  Differentiation, time savings, new revenue streams, giving back.  This is a consultative sale.

Channel Partner Agreement

Once you have reviewed the Channel Partner Agreement, register and attend a training session (live or recorded) and arrange a meeting with the director of our Channel Partner Program.  We will then provide an Amendment to the basic Agreement which outlines your terms.

click image to download Agreement

Getting Started

Step 1 – Registration (5 minutes)

Register as a Channel Partner

When you register, a couple of things will be triggered.  Once we will drive you back to this page to remind you of the other steps.  We will also invite you to the community.  We will also set you up on HubSpot as a Channel Partner so that we can track your leads.  And we will set you up on the TripProximity Portal, where you will have your own referral code (e.g. an affiliate tracking code).  That gives you access to build out tools and get comfortable with the platform.

Step 2 – Join Community (5 minutes)

Once you have been approved, join our Community

Introduce yourself to the team on the Community by completing your profile with a bit of your backstory and of course your links to your LinkedIn and any other social media or web sites that you have.  The system will automatically introduce you to everyone else.

Step 3 – Participate in at least one of the training sessions the week of December 5th (90 minutes)



Once you sign up, we’ll send a calendar entry and the notes pages to use to take notes during the training.

Step 4 – Set up call with Neeta Solanki (15 minute intro)

Prior to talking to Neeta make sure you have completed the other steps.

Neeta leads our Channel Partner efforts.  She will take time to learn about you before the call, so make sure to fill out your profile in the Community and put in your questions so that she can ensure that we have answered your questions before the call.  That lets her spend the call time getting down to business!   She will ensure that you have what you need to reach out to and add value to your network.

click to set up call with Neeta