Case Studies for TripProximity

Clients that have integrated trip planning using our dynamic tool

Photos and Videos

Rich Media Exchange allows their clients to tap into their library of high-resolution videos and images.  Their Rich Media Marketplace portal allows them to not only grab the snippet of code for the video or image, but also to grab the code to integrate trip planning to that location.

So not only can bloggers and content sites inspire people to travel, but they can allow them to actually plan their experience!  They are our Marquis client in the media platform space.

With our TripWriters platform, bloggers can not only grab a video or photo to augment their articles, but they can easily integrate trip planning to the place they wrote about, with a single copy and paste from the Portal.

Kulin Strimbu, CEO Rich Media Exchange


FullContact has an amazing tool as a part of their Contacts+ application suite.  It is called Dossier.  With the Dossier application added as a Google Chrome extension, when someone creates a calendar entry with an address (as distinguished from a phone number or URL for a conference call), the user can display the dossier of who they will be meeting with, along with the integrated trip planning capability, pre-populated with the meeting location and date.  This gives the end user a one-click way to find a hotel nearby their meeting.

It took me less than an hour to configure and plug in the TripProximity tool into our platform.  That included writing the special business rules to ignore meetings that were not face to face.

Matt Elliott, Senior Software Engineer at Contacts+


Greenrope was one of our first dynamic implementations of the TripProximity smart trip tool.  They integrated smart trip planning into their Contacts record and into their events.  It was implemented the day after our implementation call, available to their entire account base.

The smart trip tool allows those who travel to see prospects and clients the ability to plan their trip and find an available hotel nearby, without leaving the Greenrope CRM system.

This tool is very simple to implement.  It is as easy as plugging in a YouTube video.

Lars Helgeson, CEO and Founder, Greenrope

Facebook Page

Arizona Golf Trails was a very early believer in TripProximity and they were our very first client to implement the smart trip tool on their Facebook page.  This gives their most loyal clients the ability to find available hotels nearby the first golf course in the “trail”.  They have installed two different tools for their top two golf trails – SCOTTSDALE and TUCSON.

They also have event tools on their website for various golf tournaments throughout the year.

Setting up Facebook with a new page for the smart trip tool was super simple.  I can count the time in minutes, not hours.

Mary Jo Becker, Founder Arizona Golf Trails