Integrating giving into your culture is a key to growth

Click to learn more about our TravelingToGive product and our Click | Travel | Give campaigns to raise money for your favorite charity.  Whether you are a non-profit or an organization that just has a heart for giving, we have tools for you.  We integrate into the sites and systems that you (and your clients) use every day.

Did you know that companies that give more, make more?

It may seem counter-intuitive, but it is true.  This principle is as venerable as gravity.  For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction and just as you have to exhale after inhaling, the answer to giving is receiving.  You can’t have one without the other.

For some companies, greatness equates simply to being profitable.  For others, it is grounded in your customer and employee satisfaction.  For still others it is about your product and how you differentiate.

If you are one of the cool kids, you may have even found a way to do all three, plus become purpose driven.  That has the added benefit of making you more appealing as an employer and as a business partner.

Imagine increasing revenue, engagement and earning donations, all with one simple, crazy smart tool

Whether you are a company, a non-profit or an entrepreneur, it is easy to get so wrapped up in the tasks of the day that we often forget our purpose – the legacy we want to leave.

Solutionz has discovered the key to liberate the greatness in your business model, in your clients and most importantly in your team.  Giving.

We have smart tools that are so simple to implement, but they have a profound impact.   They make it easier to be face to face through our smart trip tools.  Our smart event tools help you get more people to your events.  Our smart giving tools help you raise money while you sleep.  And our smart portfolio tools help more people find you and your products and services in more places online.

Let’s leverage greatness together.

Make money and donations
while you sleep

We bring people together face to face using easy to install, smart tools.  We provide dynamic tools to help enterprise systems, websites, businesses, venues and events better serve travelers who need to stay overnight nearby their intended destination.  Plus we give back with every trip.

Increase Engagement
of your Clients

If you are looking for an increase in engagement with those in your network, building a community can help.  We assist with building both a community, within our Game Changer Network and we can also help you build out your own network.

Become a purpose driven

We have over 25 years experience assisting companies with discovery and strategy, specializing in differentiation and increasing engagement with your customers and end users.  We have a focus on growth and on leaving a legacy.  Purpose driven companies are more profitable.

We don’t just see the road you are on.  We see a new way to conquer it.

When you look at this picture, what do you see?  We see reinvention of the status quo.

Changing your perspective doesn’t always come naturally.  But in the face of extraordinary challenges, it is often the only option.

New business models, new revenue streams, new platforms and even new products can be the answer.

We can help you look at your current situation and look at how you are currently engaging your clients and your end users and what markets you are focused on.  We have proven methodologies to assist with risk assessment and mitigation and complex project management.  We also have some simple smart tools that can get you on your way to greatness and leaving a legacy right away.

Let’s talk.