Our Company is called Solutionz

… because for more than 20 years, that is what we’ve focused on providing to our clients

Since 1996, we’ve brought innovative thought to the challenges facing the travel and technology industries.  

Our clients are enterprise software companies, publishers, companies, venues, events and non-profits.  We love to help them solve problems and make valuable contributions to their bottom lines — and the charities they support.

Our core business is our smart trip technology, which we integrate into the systems that people use everyday.  We leave a legacy by giving back with each trip taken.

Our mantra is to zig where others zag and to bring to life crazy good ideas that will leave a legacy.

The Products

Our smart trip tools are designed to be implemented in minutes or hours, not days, weeks or months.  Through those tools we simplify getting people to your place of business or your event and we save people time in doing so.

Deliver the solution. Simplify the challenge. Save people time.

Integrated smart trip planning for companies, venues and events, integrated into the systems that people use everyday.
For non-profit organizations and the companies and individuals supporting non-profits.
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