Who are we?

A B2B, social impact focused, travel tech firm.  

Why should you care?

We empower our clients to simplify travel for visitors, event attendees and donors and at the same time, to innovate, diversify your revenues and give back.

We provide dynamic tools to help enterprise systems, websites, businesses, venues and events better serve travelers who need to stay overnight nearby their intended destination.

We deliver convenience, context and confidence to the traveler.

We are different from our peers in that we integrate our dynamic tools into the sites and systems that people use every day. This ensures that we reach the highest volume of high intent travelers at the lowest cost. This makes us more profitable.

Our Company is called Solutionz

… because for more than 20 years, that is what we’ve focused on providing to our clients

Since 1996, we’ve brought innovative thought to the challenges facing the travel and technology industries.  

We began as a strategic, advisory services company.  We have pivoted to being a tech company, devoted to innovation and leaving a legacy. 

Our core business now is our smart trip technology, which we integrate into the digital tools that people use everyday. Our clients are enterprise software companies, publishers, companies, venues, events and non-profits.  We love to help them solve problems and make valuable contributions to their bottom lines — and the charities they support.

Did you know that 72% of all travel spending is for travel done for “life”, not vacation and business? Here are just a few of the reasons that we help you serve.

The Products

Our smart trip tools are designed to be implemented in minutes [or hours for our enterprise clients], not days, weeks or months.    They are designed with maximum return on investment in mind, in addition to adding simplicity to how you deal with visitors/event attendees and adding value to enterprise platforms.

Choose the product that best suits your organization and click to visit that product site to learn more.

For Profit Entities

Integrate smart trip planning into your digital tools, website or blog.  This product is designed to serve companies, groups and individuals.  Earn a royalty on each trip booked and also give back to the causes that you care about.

Not For Profit Entities

Integrate smart giving into your events and into your fund raising activities, using our proximity based smart trip planning tools.  Designed for non-profit organizations to earn donations while you sleep.

Deliver the solution. Simplify the challenge. Save people time.