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is a collaborative business development and strategic consulting firm. 



                 Game Changing Consulting and Technology


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Solutionz Technologies announces partnership and affiliate opportunities with its new TripPlanz booking widgets
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         19 years | 90 clients | over 200 projects | launched 10 new companies 
            Call us misfits, call us crazy, just call us.  Change is our Manifesto.
The people who are crazy enough
to think they can change the world
are the ones that do.

We don't settle for business as usual
We don't want you to either

Status quo is the enemy of innovation.  You know what we mean.  You want to do something to change,
something to innovate.  But someone tells you that it has already been tried, or that it just can't be done.

The business model won't work.  The technology can't work that way.  People can't change.

You definitely won't hear those things from us. 

What is your challenge?
We have the answers and we will help you leave a legacy.

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Solutionz is a business development and strategic consulting group headquartered in Tampa, Florida, with executive advisors, consultants and network associates located around the globe.

We begin our work with strategy and end with a measurable, executable plan for your success.

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Company founder Chicke Fitzgerald is considered an expert on technologies that marry buyers and sellers in the travel industry.

Solutionz Technologies' latest product is TripSolutionz, a search tool that is geared toward planning travel to venues and events.  You can trip-enable your website or blog within hours, not days, weeks or months with our widgets.

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Solutionz invests in game changing ideas, both at early stage and also assists established businesses that are tired of the status quo.

We also have C-Suite executives that can fill your gaps.

We have long been known as iconoclasts. 

We are ready to hear about the "next big thing" so that we can help you change the world. 

To learn more about launching a Travel Program for your organization or your non-profit, please contact us at 813-925-0789 to join the Rock the World Network.  To download our white paper about our Donor Travel programs, click HERE.